Our Residential team during Covid-19

At Platinum Care Solutions we embed our values into everything we do.






During Covid-19, it has been important now more than ever to ensure that each of these are met both within our teams and with our clients.

We CARE for our team by providing the most up to date guidance on Covid-19 and communicating our company policies throughout the pandemic. This has changed frequently, and we ensure that any changes to their work practices are shared and understood, allowing the expectations both from us and also the care homes to be met.

We PROFESSIONALLY follow up with any concerns raised with these changing guidelines and how they are being implemented into each care home. Our process of booking work for our teams has changed to allow for less movement within the care homes and to ensure that we are asking the right questions to the homes we deliver services to, this includes 1) do you have any service users or team members who have or are suspected to have Covid-19 2) is the correct PPE following government guidelines in place to ensure our staff are safe while working in you home. This is then shared and updated regularly to our teams as well as documented within our systems to keep track of each care home and workers.

Our COMMITMENT to each of our team members is to ensure transparency throughout Covid-19, and this is between both our teams and the care homes. Should you have any symptoms the correct Isolation guidance must be followed. We are committed to keeping you safe, and while we cannot oversee what practices are in place at the homes, we ask that you always feedback any concerns which we will then happily follow up for you and investigate what the situation is to help ensure a safe outcome.

We have been INNOVATIVE with our solutions to communicate with you all throughout the pandemic, which includes collaborating through ‘Slack’ allowing messages and calls to be made easier to all of the team, as well as setting up well-being channels for open sharing between our teams to ensure everyone has the support they need. We have frequently opened communication to discuss well-being either as a group or with 121 calls to give our support. Microsoft teams has been implemented to allow for video calling to ensure that there is a more personal connection.

We RESPECT each one of our team for their continued support, caring natures and how they have managed throughout the pandemic from day one. The care than has been delivered has been outstanding.

We will continue to share information through Citation/Atlas to you all

We will continue to keep you updated on Slack

We will continue to call each of you every week to see how you are and share the relevant information to you for your shifts

We will continue to ask that any concerns are brought to our attention

We will continue to follow our policies and procedures of recording and reporting

Our team are always here for you, you can contact us 24/7 and we will do our best to help you.