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“Making lives better”

Platinum Care Solutions supports people to live independently either in their own home or in a residential setting.

With over 17 years’ experience across Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, we take pride in providing a high quality service that brings joy and comfort to the people we care for and peace of mind to their relatives.

Platinum Care Solutions was established by its founder Jo Barry, who  identified  a need to provide high quality, person centred care to individuals wanting to stay in their own home. Dedicated to care without compromise, all staff are treated with respect and are supported with training and supervision, so that they can deliver the very best of care and with it, bring a smile to the people they look after.

At Platinum Care Solutions we start with an initial assessment which can take up to an hour so that we can properly assess healthcare requirements. It is not our policy to provide 15 minute visits as we feel this can lead to poor and rushed care.



There is a strong management structure within the company, led by managing director Jo Barry, who takes an active hands on role in ensuring that the quality of care is of a consistently high standard. Supporting her is Natalie Dobson in the role of business operations manager which involves exploring new ways of working in order to create a positive and vibrant environment where individuals thrive.

Platinum Care Solutions have committed itself to the national apprenticeship scheme because we feel that young people deserve an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time, in an environment with supportive role models to work alongside them. At both our Hampshire and West Sussex offices, we have two admin apprenticeships who support us in ensuring our administration is effective, whilst also learning the important skills of keeping good records and maintaining compliance with the statutory bodies who regulate our work.



Platinum Care Solutions has been providing Nursing and care staff for over 17 years to nursing and care homes. Originally nursing agencies were regulated under the Nurses Agencies Act however this was abolished and agencies are no longer regulated, however at Platinum Care Solutions we operate as we always have done following the same robust procedures in employing and checking nurses’ qualifications and references ensuring all of our nursing staff are highly competent and fully compliant.

Identity badges are worn by each member of staff along with a profile detailing their current training and experience.

Staff can be booked at emergency short notice, temporary ongoing and on a permanent basis. Please speak to the recruitment team in either Hampshire: 02392 221505, West Sussex: 01243 823265  to discuss your booking requirements.


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