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Improving people’s lives is important to us and each year Platinum Care Solutions supports a charity that does just that

Charity Support

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As we enter a new decade and following on from raising a massive £2485.50 last year for charity, we thought it would be a great idea to choose a local charity for each of our offices where we can give back to our communities.

We started by getting some suggestions throughout social media sites and followed it on with a poll sent to each of our teams to choose which Charities they wanted to support throughout 2020. We are pleased to announce the following charities –

Platinum Care Solutions Surrey – Shooting Star Children Hospice –

Platinum Care Solutions West Sussex – Dementia Support –

Platinum Care Solutions Hampshire – Dementia Friendly Fareham and Gosport –

Safe Harbour Homecare Petersfield – Dementia Friendly Hampshire




Group B Strep Support 


In 2019 we chose to support Group B Strep Support as our charity of the year and had some exciting challenges lined up to try and make this our best year yet!


We chose to support Group B strep support after our Homecare Manager Monika gave birth to her baby boy who contracted Strep B in 2018.  After going through this and seeing how it affected Monika and her family it was important that we supported her and the Charity in a hope to help raise awareness to new mothers and prevent any more new-borns contracting Strep B.


We started with an amateur Charity boxing match, where our Surrey Recruiter Emma McCrory put on her gloves, trained intensely for 10 weeks and then got in the ring in front of hundreds of people to secure a draw and raise hundreds of pounds.


Then we had the owner of Platinum Care Solutions Joanne Barry take on a paddle board challenge in the solent for 8 miles on what was luckily a mild and sunny day. It wasn’t an easy challenge and Jo raised a lovely £150 for this event.


We held various Cake Sales, Raffles and Galas throughout the year where we attended local events and held open days which the whole team got involved with. It was great to share the awareness of the charity and we got to hear about other people’s stories of how their babies had been affected by Strep B which continued to help drive our efforts throughout the year.


Then our biggest ever charity challenge in the business was held in November where our Business Operations Manager Natalie Dobson and her friend Stacey Kircher travelled to Peru for a 4 day trek through the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, which consisted of what felt like a constant uphill battle with 10 hours of climbing each day and including reaching the highest point of 4,200ft whilst tackling altitude sickness. Each day was a 5am start and back at camp and asleep for 830pm through the thunder and lightning storms in the evenings.


We finally finished with our Bognor Regis charity raffle which has proven to be successful each year and this year continued to be the same.


We are really pleased to have supported Group B Strep Support and their efforts in raising awareness and funds for this amazing cause, and we are proud to announce that our total fundraising for Group B Strep Support this year totalled at £2485.50.


Thank you to everyone that were involved with arranging our events and contributing throughout the year, we couldn’t have reached this wonderful amount without you.


For any information regarding Group Strep B please visit the website where there is so much information and support


As a little update , Monikas little boy is a now a fit, well and active two year old , that fortunately has no recollection of the fight he took on at such a young age x


Vasculitis UK are our chosen charity for 2018


This year we put the choice of our nominated charity onto our Facebook page and let the team and the public decide.

We are pleased to announce the winner of our charity poll was Vasculitis UK!

Over the year we held various events, including Jo Barry and Natalie Dobson climbing up Snowden in March, Followed by Carla Smith who signed up to a charity boxing match, and various other cakes sales and raffles held in each of our offices.

Were pleased to announce that we raised a total of £1,572.10.


This is a charity who has personally supported a member of the team who lives with Vasculitis. We’re hoping to help with the efforts in finding treatment and maybe one day a Cure.

Here’s a blog that Kelly has written to explain what it’s like to live with Vasculitis.

Back in the winter of 2012, I was in and out of the hospital with chest infections, pneumonia and acute asthma symptoms. After being admitted for the 4 time via resus the consultants realised they were dealing with something more sinister.
I can’t remember much of the first 3 days of that visit only that I was placed on oxygen and had loads of different tests I was placed by the nurses’ station and was later told that I had them worried for a while.
After 3 weeks, I was discharged on many different tablets and inhalers to await an appointment with the professor for results. C.O.P.D, Emphysema and Vasculitis were mentioned and I was hoping and praying that it would be C.O.P.D or Emphysema.

In January 2003 I met with the professor who confirmed that I had Churg-Strauss syndrome now known as (Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis). CSS is a rare autoimmune condition that causes inflammation of small and medium-sized blood vessels.

This illness has stolen the healthy life I had but I won’t let it beat me. I was healthy up until that winter, I did classes at the gym at least 3 times a week played squash and badminton and swam twice a week, I enjoyed nights out socialising and was often the life and soul of the party, now I need to build up enough energy to get to my car, gym classes are a no go and I can no longer fully do the job I love because I just don’t have the energy or breath to do it.

Platinum has been 100% supportive of my illness and accommodated me accordingly. I suffer pain daily; have about 4 hours sleep a night if I’m lucky and that’s not all at once, I struggle to breathe and I rely on 17 tablets in the morning 7 at lunchtime 3 teatime and 9 before bed, 5 different inhalers and a nebuliser to get me through the day.
Despite all this, you will always find me with a smile on my face.

To look at you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong but inside I am very poorly. My body is attacking itself from the inside out. If you are part of my close circle you would realise what I go through daily just to be able to carry on working and making a difference to the lives of others. I’m not a hero or an inspiration I’m simply me and I want to continue being me for as long as possible.

Vasculitis UK

We help and support people with vasculitis to improve outcomes for vasculitis patients

Charity Registration No. 1019983

Find out more about the charity here

If you wish to make a donation, please click on our just giving page here 

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Autism Hampshire nominated by Platinum Care Solutions as their 2017 charity


Each year Platinum Care Solutions nominates a charity for whom they undertake a range of fundraising activities and in 2017 they selected Autism Hampshire.

Through Various different events, the total raised in aid of Autism Hampshire was £417

Jo Barry, Director and Founder of Platinum Care Solutions explained why they had chosen Autism Hampshire:

“Some of the people we care for are living with autism. The condition affects people differently and has an impact on a person’s quality of life, how they relate to others and how they perceive and experience the world around them. We wanted to support Autism Hampshire in their important work of raising awareness, as well as with the range of services they provide which include information and advice, training and residential living.”

Autism Hampshire was founded by the late Mr and Mrs Philip White MBE and a group of local parents of children with autism in Southampton in the mid-1960’s. Over the years the charity has worked hard to provide high quality services that meet the diverse needs of people living with autism in Hampshire and the surrounding area. They provide autism focused training, mentoring, domiciliary care, supported living services and a community access team that responds to an average of 12,000 requests for help each year.

Sam Perry, Fundraising Manager said of the nomination: “Autism can have an impact on both the individual as well as their family, dramatically changing everyone’s lives.  Autism Hampshire needs to reach and help more families but to do so this requires funds. We are delighted that Platinum Care Solutions have chosen to support and fundraise on our behalf and are looking forward to building upon the existing excellent relationship that we already have with them.”

To mark the nomination, both Sam Perry and Natalie Dobson, the Business Operations Manager at Platinum Care Solutions, visited one of Autism Hampshire’s residential centres in Gosport where they were able to meet both residents and staff and find out more about the difference residential care makes.

Natalie Dobson & Sam Perry


We nominated the Alzheimer’s Society as our charity for 2016 and we raised vital funds for a condition where it is predicted that by 2025, 1 million people in the UK will have dementia, two thirds of which are expected to be women.

To kick start our fundraising activities we signed up to do the Grand Canyon Trek which involved us doing things we would never have thought possible such as jumping into waterfalls, trekking through fields of grapevines, camping underneath the stars and learning from their hosts the Havasu ‘Baaja’ Native.

Not to mention the struggles of 10 mile walks every day, rock climbing up and down the wet rocks besides a waterfall and a 2000ft hike uphill out of the canyon.

The Grand Canyon Trek took place on 8 – 15 March 2016. Which in the 12 weeks of fundraising we raised a massive £1,755.62.

We also held cake sales throughout the year, and our very own tuck shop in the Portchester and Bognor Regis offices.



Our chosen charity for 2015 was Macmillan Cancer Support. We held events that included a 108 mile cycle from Portchester to Brighton and back again, and our own take on the Macmillan coffee morning ‘cakes and shakes’ which we raised a total of £851.32.


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